Financial Statement Analysis: Illusion Mage>>>>>>Financial Review

Illusion Mage>>>>>>Financial Review

Illusion Mage>>>>>>Financial Review

Website design

Very fancy well constructed web site with a very catchy auto playing introductory video demonstration, the music is the key. There are plenty of one page website out there, that are slapped together, with a few links and fancy flashing gadgets  and banners, which is very simple to put together, however this website was not simple, if you know anything about html and source you would understand, this was well designed, organised and well marketed. This is not a cheap exercise. A website of the nature would cost thousands to build, that's not to mention the specialised expertise required and their going rates.


Sales pitch

I don't fall for the sales pitches as I am a professional salesman, but my preference is to write and say it as it is. When you visit the website you will be bombarded with sales pitches, demonstrations, reviews, features and benefits, the point here Is that simply, that to put this marketing and sales target together you need top class promoters, marketers and advertisers………..These are high priced expertise.


The software

This would be the biggest cost as this is the product which is in a nut shell an animation 3d software application that you can download by the click of a mouse to your very own personal operational system.  They are putting a strong emphasis on the fact that they are on the same playing field as 3D MAX and Maya, this is a powerful statement, as these excellent specifically designed animation machines (operational systems) are the market leaders In 3d animation, which means you would have to have an outstanding software application to meet up and compete with theses boys.

Which according to reviews "Seth Avery" has cracked.


In conclusion the nature of the application and the benefits and features on offer is huge and it would take top IT professionals, artists, graphic designers etc. And to make it even more of a costly investment they are promoting the fact that you can animate under 2 hours, with no experience, which means the software must be very simple to operate and understand by nature, and again, to simplify such a complicated application like 3d animation (which is very complicated!) takes buckets of money and skills to develop its simple nature.  And the "cherry" Pixie and Walt Disney animation results.


Mmmmmmmmm, that's what our research is telling us. If they are not delivering these powerful statements, the only path they would be heading for is financial failure!


Training and support

This area is a very under estimated key point, I am a software junky, I love trying and testing software and over my experimental years it al boils down to the same point and that is that software is very easy to use if you understand how it operates, what it functions and features are and lastly what benefits it has to use as the user.


So in this case we are talking about a 3d animation application, this is high tech mind boggling stuff! Unless of course you are presently involved in an animation application as the core features will be the same, they have to be otherwise the application would not function correctly.

Let's justify their statement "you can animate in under 2 hours with no experience" I don't buy it!


The first step would be to understand how the software operates and familiarise yourself with it, then I would believe it could be done in under 2 hours, actually this approach you will have your first animation project active in minutes! Why? Simple you know how the software ticks as you have invested your personal time in study and understanding of the software.


The reverse is a very high risk factor, diving straight into an animation project with very limited understanding of the operations of the software, you could loose drive and ambitions due to frustration, hey, just a thought!


Before we talk about training facility it would be advisable to ensure you are clear with the download steps, nothing worse than downloading a software that you have invested in and end up staring at the screen thinking "what the **&$ $ %""


The complications of animation even still image or 2D, never mind 3D is very complicated!! So the key here is to have guidance, step by step manuals, Video training (it is a visual application and without practical video guidelines you would be lost, pretty tough to develop a mental picture) On-line support, email support and contact details. Now we are talking about financial investment here and Illusion Mage have got it covered as far as step by step training facilities.


To develop and design such an intense training feature in itself is a huge financial investment, with specialised trainers and guides and of course, good practical, realistic, real time and simple to apply teachings.


On this point be careful and select the full package otherwise you would have limited guidance and support as they are selling their expertise and knowledge, and right they are!


Trial money back guarantee

This is a financial gamble, but a great customer service offer as you will have 60 days to try it out, and if you don't find it beneficial for you, you can get your money back.


There will always be those who abuse this good natured guarantee, if it works for you, accept it!


The point here is that they are willing to risk this financial refund system and in order to do that they would have to have a very good software application that ensures customer satisfaction, in this way the majority of people who invest in this application would be satisfied with the product and have no intention of getting their money back.


The customer price


The full package is less than a 0, great value for money!



You decide, prepared to be amazed! Enter here


Enjoy happy animations.


I hope this information was helpful on Illusionmage financial review.



Financial development is directly related to value, this review serves as proof of value for money and functionality, enter



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