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Fashion Statement

Fashion Statement

Paris has always been known as "the fashion center of the center." Internationally recognized most of the top fashion brand headquarters located here. The message from this international trend of the benchmark, leading the international fashion trend. Precisely because of this, Paris Fashion Week in New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, Fashion Week and said the four largest.

Whether Carl La Fair or Marc Jacobs, the fashion Week in Paris, big-name designers who usually not hesitate to come up with special skill. The better to build the stage, cream of the crop land use model.
All this only for the fashion capital of Paris fashion show of new ideas. Moncler Jackets also very stylish proposition.
Issey Miyake in Paris as a global brand for the audience Fashion Week spring and summer created a fantasy world. As on-site commentary said, "If you want a better perception of the world spirit, to be completely into the darkness."

Together world-renowned designers have set off a refined sense of tailoring and fabric of the royal family as honorable fashion. They will cut the fabric and bold package, reflecting the gorgeous and add a stylish modern ideas.

Can be said that velvet is the fabric permanently withstand the test of time.
The smooth and flowing with special texture, thick and warm at the same time with a shine. These features allow designers the opportunity to innovate on the scale in the clothing design. Has created a number of multi-purpose, multi-look appeal. For example, sexy dress and coat. So velvet fabrics was welcomed by the red carpet celebrity dress and fashionable daily dress.

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