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Financial Options

Financial Options

When considering your financial options in a difficult time, one of your first stops should be to a Fort Wayne bankruptcy attorney. While you are in no way obligated to hire a Fort Wayne bankruptcy attorney or any kind of legal help, they will be your best source for information and aid should you decide to file for personal bankruptcy. Be aware that bankruptcy is a difficult and complicated process even for someone who knows the field well, such as a Fort Wayne bankruptcy attorney.

There is no set requirement for filing for bankruptcy or some type of moment where you know that you must. People file for bankruptcy for many reasons, which include job loss, medical bills, credit debt, some type of personal loss, or something else. A general rule is that if you can't budget yourself out of debt within five years to start thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

Six months, or 180 days, prior to filing for personal bankruptcy you must have completed a course in credit counseling.

Federal law requires this. You can take a course in credit counseling either in person, by phone, by email, or by regular mail. Part of the point of taking credit counseling is to determine if you really should be filing for personal bankruptcy when a more modest repayment or renegotiation with your creditors will work better.

Often times, people have no choice or no other way out of their financial hardships other than filing for personal bankruptcy. There's no reason to be ashamed in doing so since thousands of people file for personal bankruptcy every year. Filing for bankruptcy, in fact, is a right provided for every American citizen by the Bill of Rights. While there are consequences to filing for personal bankruptcy, it does help give you a fresh start financially.

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